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A warm kiss landed on the center of her chest. Another one on the top of each breast. Gavin placed kisses along the triangles of her swimsuit top. Then nuzzling and sweet kisses weren’t enough. He yanked the material aside. His hot, wet mouth encircled her cold nipple and he began to suck.

“Oh, God,” she moaned and arched back. Then she remembered they were outside. Surrounded by neighbors. “Gavin. Stop. People might see us. Or hear us.”

“So? Forget about everything but this.” He flicked his tongue across her nipple.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out.

“Untie your top.”

Not a request. She tugged the strings free and he flung the scrap of material away.

Gavin’s mouth was everywhere. On her nipples, on her neck, on her belly. His fingers stroked her skin when his mouth was busy elsewhere.

She squirmed. If she tried to touch his head or his face, he made a growling noise that put her hands right back on the arms of her chair.

When his mouth opened over her mound and he sucked, her hips bucked. His hot breath teased the sensitive area between her hipbones. “Rielle. Look at me.”

Opening her eyes, she noticed he’d slipped into the alpha male role. Gavin wasn’t always like that, which made it so much more potent when he was. She watched as his fingers loosened the knots on her string bikini bottoms and they fell away.

He pressed the tip of his finger against her clit and rubbed circles around it before dragging his finger down her slit to the opening of her pussy. “Wet.”


“I can’t tell if you’re blushing or if you’re sunburned.”

Rielle didn’t answer.

“Don’t be embarrassed that you like the way I touch you.”

“Then don’t tease me about how I react. Especially when there are probably people around listening to us.”


“So, why are you doing this now? Out here in the open?”

“Because I can.” Gavin chuckled confidently and kept stroking her pussy. “I’m going to put my mouth on you, Rielle.”

She blinked.

“And I’m going to torture you. By the time I’m ready to let you come, you won’t give a damn who hears you scream.”

That comment made her wetter yet, but she said, “We’ll see.”

“So we shall. Hook your legs over the arms of that chair. I want to see every inch of your cunt.”

Bossy man. Ooh, and dirty words too. She shifted into position, her heart speeding up.

“Play with your nipples. The only place I want to see those hands is on your tits. Understand?”

She nodded.

He held her drink to her lips. “Wet your mouth now, because your throat will be really dry after all the yelling you’re about to do.”

“You’re pretty damn sure of yourself, tycoon.”

For just an instant, Gavin’s confidence faltered. Then he flashed her the most wolfish, most feral male grin she’d ever seen. “Yep. Drink up.”

Rielle knocked back half the liquid in one swallow.

Gavin drained the remainder. Then he dropped to his knees and put his cold mouth on her belly button. Then keeping his eyes on hers, he fished a piece of ice out of her drink and popped it into his mouth.

“Oh no,” she breathed.

His response was to clamp that half-moon shaped sliver of ice between his teeth and trace her slit. When he reached the opening to her pussy, he pushed the ice into her channel, holding it there.

Her hot tissues clamped down on the ice and his tongue. She gasped. Then his tongue was stroking inside her. Hot. Cold. Hot.

The ice started to melt. Gavin licked, lapped and slurped, while he emitted hungry noises.

She just about lost her mind.

No. Stay in control. Don’t make a sound.

“Goddamn you taste so fucking good. Tart like honey and warm like sunshine. I could do this all day.” He glanced up at her. “Tug on your nipples. I know how crazy that gets you.”


“Do. It.”

Rielle pinched hard enough she let out a whimper.

“That’s it.” He dragged his mouth between her hipbones, gifting her skin with sucking kisses. He nipped the inside of her thighs from her knee to the outer curve of her ass. Not soft nibbles, but with enough force she held her breath, waiting for, wanting the next sting. He licked the crease behind her knee.

She started to shake. Soon she might beg.

He just laughed. Pulling back the skin above her clit, he blew a stream of hot air across her swollen tissues, but his mouth never connected with her sex.

A frustrated noise escaped her.

“Feel like screaming yet?” he murmured against her lower belly. “Or do you intend to be stubborn?”

Rielle bit her lip and groaned.

Gavin kissed straight down her mound, stopping above her clit. He lifted his face and looked at her. Waiting.

Her head, her body yelled, please please please! Give him what he wants, but her vocal cords weren’t cooperating.

“Your eyes are begging me. But not your mouth.” He rapidly flicked the swollen nub with the tip of his tongue.

Her entire body broke out in chill bumps. She canted her pelvis and she moaned, hoping that was enough verbal encouragement.

He suckled her clit so thoroughly she felt the press of his teeth against her flesh. Then he stopped.

“Pinch your nipples. Imagine me using my teeth on them. Like this.” He pulled her pussy lips into his mouth and bit down, releasing the sharp bite of pain that only increased her pleasure.

She felt more cream sliding from her pussy and a scream rising in her throat.

“Use those hands, Rielle.”

She began pinching the tips with her thumb and forefinger, matching the rhythm of her blood pulsing in her throat. Her mouth was dry. She licked her lips but it didn’t help.

Gavin tormented her. Licking and sucking. Fucking her pussy with one finger, then two, and finally with his tongue. Driving her to the edge of bliss and then yanking her back.

When she didn’t make a sound, he started over from the top.

When his naughty tongue rimmed her anus, her face heated. The swirling, teasing wetness brought the sensitive tissues alive. She felt like a total pervert for liking it and she tried to scoot away.

He warned, “Don’t. Move. Again.”

Gavin’s soft kisses on her pussy and rough caresses broke her last thread of control.

Rielle surrendered to him completely, wondering why she’d tried to retain any control, when his every touch, every lick, every kiss, everything he did to her…was exactly what she wanted. She let loose a long, deep moan.

His eyes were dark with triumph. Then his face was between her breasts and he captured a nipple, making more of those greedy male noises. “Wrap your arms around my neck and hold on.” He lifted her out of the chair.

As soon as they were face to face, his mouth took possession of hers. The kiss was a war of wills until her spine met a solid surface and Gavin’s upper body pressed hers flat.

His hands moved between them to grip his cock. Teasing her clit with the flared head until she writhed. Then he poised the tip against her opening.

The pause before that first thrust was excruciating, her body was strung so tight.

His breath was hot on her ear. “Ree.”


“Scream.” His lips, brushing the shell of her ear, set a jolt of electricity zipping through her. “Scream. My. Fucking. Name.” He slammed into her so hard the table rocked beneath her.

She screamed as the orgasm steamrolled her. Her nails dug into the back of his neck. Her legs locked around his flexing hips. The waves crashed into her, receded, and crashed into her again until she was adrift. Awash in pleasure.

Gavin’s thrusts were relentless. He buried his shaft deep one last time, spilling his seed inside her, whispering her name against her throat with such ferocity, it was as powerful as a scream.

Later, as they were entwined together, lazing in bed, Gavin asked, “So what would you like to do tomorrow? We can stay here and do exactly what we did today. Except more lounging in the pool. And more sex.”

“Gavin Daniels. We’ve had sex three times today.” After he’d fucked her mindless by the pool, they’d ordered Chinese. He’d convinced her to let him check the scores on the bowl games. When she complained about being bored, she found her head in his lap with her mouth around his dick. He’d spun her around, burying his face in her pussy and…wow. Now she understood the appeal of sixty-nine. Then the man had dragged her to the shower and fucked her standing up, using the handheld shower massager in a whole new way. “What are my other options besides nonstop sex?”

“We could go into the desert. See all the touristy stuff. Have lunch at my favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. Or we could golf. Or we could visit a spa. Or we could go to an outlet mall or one of the billion places to shop in Phoenix.”

That gave Rielle an idea. “You know I’m not one for shopping, but is there a farmer’s market close by?”

“Yes, but you aren’t supposed to be working.”

“I hardly think me checking out the varieties of seasonal fruit and vegetables in Arizona could be considered working.” She poked him in the chest. “Besides. You’re working while we’re here, right?”

“Only two days.” His fingers pushed her hair out of her face. “What else are you burning to do?”

“This might sound weird, but I want to see the house you grew up in and where you went to school.”

Confusion crossed his face. “Why?”

“You’ve seen where I grew up. It shaped me. And I’m betting where you grew up shaped you too.”

“Okay. If that’s what you want.”

“Cool. I would like a desert tour tomorrow.”


Although they spent some nights sleeping in the same bed, would being together every night for the next two weeks change things?

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