Home Run Page 41

The sight had Christian looking down at his own hand at the gold band on his finger. He never thought a piece of jewelry could say so much.

No other babies had come along yet, but that’ hadn’t stopped the newlyweds from trying their hardest.

Christian placed the helmet on Sam’s head and gave it a tap on the top.

“You got this?”

Sam, who had just turned four, winked. “I got this.”

“Hit it out of the park kid.”

Sam took his bat and walked up to the tee. Christian watched as he eyeballed each base and then looked to the outfield. It’s a move Christian had seen Sam’s father do, and mimicking Babe Ruth, he pointed to the outfield.

With all his might Sam took the bat back behind his shoulder and gave it a mighty swing. The bat hit the whiffle ball off the tee and it flew through the air—out to the field where he’d pointed.

Christian’s heart began to race and he could hear Tori and Ali and the rest of his family shouting Sam’s name as he passed by first base, and second base, and third base, and all the way home where Christian was there with his arms wide open to catch him as he scored his very first home run.