Kidnapping Casey Page 10

Casey finally twisted enough so that she spotted the second male who looked a lot like the Bigfoot holding her. She stared opened-mouthed, upside down, at the new male who wore a similar leatherlike outfit that matched the ones Casey and Bigfoot wore. His hair was long and wild like Bigfoot's only it was shades lighter than black. She saw glowing eyes, a different shade of blue, and those eyes locked on her. He growled deeper.

Casey's Bigfoot growled back. It sounded like a threatening kind of growl that a predator put out to warn off another animal. Fear inched up her spine more at the thought that they might fight. Were her woods full of these things? Where the hell had they come from? She had a ton of questions but not a single answer. The man holding her took a deep breath, jerking his head at the other one and growled again. He wiggled his shoulder so the backpack hit the ground.

The second man tore his concentration from Casey. With a jerk of his head he walked closer, grabbed up the backpack and stepped away while he lowered his face, almost bowing, before he spun around. Casey was stunned as she watched the male march into the woods a second before her Bigfoot moved to follow him.

"Put me down."

To her annoyance Bigfoot ignored her. He kept walking, carrying her over his shoulder, so Casey was left to put her hands on the curve of his back where it turned into his firm ass. She shoved upward trying to lever herself so she wasn't dangling over his shoulder. All it got her was shifted on his body so her hip was hooked higher on his shoulder. It made her center of gravity off so it was impossible to lift her upper chest away from his back. It also brought her face closer to his ass and she knew he did it on purpose. She pushed but gave up when she realized he wasn't going to put her down.

Casey was afraid as they walked quickly through the woods. She didn't know there were going to be two of them and she had no idea where they were taking her. What if they had a few dozen Bigfoot men camping out on her land? She wondered if they all got together every year like a family reunion. Was her land their version of a park to hold it at? The sun went down, getting so dark that she couldn't see a thing anymore, but it didn't slow down either man.

Casey was starting to get a headache from all the blood settling in her head. She sighed.

"Bigfoot guy?"

He softly growled at her, his hand rubbing her leg, but he didn't stop walking. They must have traveled for miles but he wasn't even slowing down.

"I'm getting a headache from this position. Do you understand? All the blood in my head is causing me pain."

Relief swept through Casey when he stopped. He shifted her on his body to slide her down his chest, adjusting her in his arms until she was almost nose to nose with him. He held her firmly off the ground with one arm around her waist securing her to him. She could barely make out his shadow in the darkness. The moon hid behind dense trees overhead making him just a dark shadow in a darker terrain. Her hands gripped the curve of his shoulders.

With his free hand he shifted her legs for her so she understood. She clamped her legs around his hips as her arms wrapped around his neck. Two large hands cupped her ass, holding her against him. She locked her ankles together and then threaded her fingers behind his neck to help her hold on. She felt watched, but she wasn't sure if it was her Bigfoot or if it was the other one.

"You can put me down. I can walk."

He released her butt with one hand only to reach back to grip her bare foot, rubbing it.

Casey nodded. What he was trying to tell her came across.

"Right. I don't have shoes. I've got to be heavy though. Isn't your back hurting? Your arms? Hell, the shoulder you've been lugging me on? I know you're big and strong, but geez."

He chuckled and then softly growled at her. He released her foot to cup her ass, holding her firmly in front of him, nuzzling her cheek with his. Understanding what he wanted, she turned her head to let it rest against the warmth of his neck. She inhaled his wonderful scent since her nose was touching his throat. Now that she wasn't blocking his view anymore, he started to walk again.

Casey relaxed in his arms, enjoying the feel of her Bigfoot holding her. If he was determined to carry her then she was going to let him. Blindly traipsing barefoot in the woods at night while she was cold and wet didn't hold any appeal. She shivered as the chilly wind blew through the trees and branches whispered above them. His body heat helped her stay warmer where she was pressed against him.

He stopped. Casey's eyes flew open and she turned her head to see what he was viewing.

It was too dark for her to see a thing, but light suddenly flared from the sky in the distance. She frowned, looking up, studying the small light that was streaking toward them. Her eyebrows shot up. Was it a falling star? She tried to wiggle out of Bigfoot's arms. The flying thing looked like it was coming right at them.

"Shit," she whispered.

The hands on her ass squeezed her gently. She turned her head to look at him but he was just a very dim shadow. A soft growl came from the other man and the mouth inches from hers responded. Casey turned her head when she heard a slight engine sound. What in the hell? Her jaw dropped open in shock when her eyes found the streaking small light again. With the light and the sound it looked like some kind of plane, but it sure wasn't one she could identify.

She'd heard and seen plenty of loud helicopters in her lifetime. Even small planes didn't sound like that and they had blinking lights on at night. Not even a small plane could set down in a heavily wooded area unless they were by a long stretch of straight road. A pilot would have to be insane to even try to land on any of the narrow country roads in this area. They were too thickly laced with trees that slanted over the roads. This was something new.

Whatever it was, it hovered above them. She stared up in shock as she saw a door opening wide, until the light blinded her. She looked at the area around them that was bathed in bright light. She could see they were in a small clearing with trees edging around them a good twenty feet away. Her gaze flew to her Bigfoot, clutching at him in terror.

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