Kidnapping Casey Page 18

"Hand over the weapons you found in my quarters."

Glaring at him, she stood up to move around the bed so it was between them. "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not a warrior. I'm a woman. Let me go home, Argernon."

She decided to change tactics. She softened her voice. She wasn't above a little begging.


He arched an eyebrow. "And what if you are carrying my offspring? Our seed is very aggressive. That is why on my planet we only give our seed to our bound. Controlling who we planted our offspring into was impossible otherwise. Every time one of our scientists came up with a form of medication that prevented it, our seed overcame it. We are a very sturdy race.

Zorn seed planted into a human woman will even take root there. My brother brought life to the human womb of his bound."

The color drained from Casey's face. "If you knew this then why the hell didn't you pull out? Hell, that doesn't work anyway, does it? Women get pregnant all the time that way."

"Pulling out before our seed spills does work with Zorn. Only our seed after climax is viable for having offspring."

"Then why didn't you pull out of me?"

He was frowning. Argernon sighed as he let his arms drop to his sides. His hands brushed his thighs on his sides, rubbing his legs nervously. His intense blue gaze locked with Casey's.

"I was unable to resist. I seem to have little to no control when I am inside you." He paused. "You are an anomaly."

"Look who's talking," she muttered. "Fine. You're obviously an advanced race. You flew this ship here. You have all kinds of shit I can't even identify in this room. You are obviously more highly developed in technology than my people are so give me a test and if I'm not knocked up then let me go."

He frowned. "Your terms are...strange. I think I followed what you said. I do not want to give you up. I am keeping you if my seed took root inside you or not. I bound you, Casey. I did learn one Earth saying from my brother's bound." Bright blue eyes narrowed. "Deal with it."

"You son of a bitch!" She wanted to slap him.

"I must admit to you that your insults do not reach their intended result. I do not feel offended by that remark you have used twice now."

"Fuck you."

He grinned suddenly. "With pleasure." He reached for the front of his pants.

"No! That's not what I meant. It wasn't an offer or a request. It... Oh hell." Casey was furious. "Keep your pants up. No way am I letting you touch me again. 'Fuck you' is an insult. It means something bad, you big, alien jerk."

Argernon's fingers froze over the front of his pants. He softly growled at her. "I want you and you want me. I understand that you are infuriated and I even understand that you feel I have somehow betrayed a trust by keeping you. It doesn't change the fact that I have bound you and you are mine now, Casey. I am taking you home with me. You will like it. We can fight about this but in the end the result will be the same. You will live in my home as my bound."

"You have to sleep sometime, Argernon."

He tilted his head slightly. "Everyone sleeps. What do you mean by that wording?"

She glared at him. "It means if you want to live a long life you'll rethink this and take me back home. It means you can't be on your guard all the time and when you are sleeping you are vulnerable. You might be huge and stronger than me, but I won't accept this."

Rage hit his features. "You are threatening to kill me?"

"Shit," Casey muttered as fear hit her hard. The guy was enormous and a warrior. He was damn strong and she wasn't likely to ever forget it since he'd carried her for miles like she weighed nothing to him. "Just let me go," she said softly. "Please."

He moved lightning fast. Casey saw him coming in the blink of an eye but had nowhere to go. She screamed when he grabbed her arms, her feet left the floor before she flew through the air, to hit the bed facedown, hard. She expected pain but there was none. Her hands were yanked behind her back. One of his hands restrained her wrists together. Casey heard material tear. She couldn't see what he was doing with her hair in the way. She turned her head, rubbing her face on the mattress, trying to clear the long strands away from her eyes.

"Let me go!" She tried to turn over but a knee came down on her ass. It didn't hurt. He only applied enough of his weight down on her backside to hold her pinned down tight on his bed. "Damn it! Get off me!"

Material was wound around her wrists. She struggled but she couldn't get free. She did manage to turn her head to see that he'd torn a strip from the sheets that he was using to tie her wrists with. He didn't look at her as he bound her wrists. His hand released her but the material held them together. He removed his knee to step away from the bed.

"Let me go, damn you!" She rolled on her side, struggling to sit up.

Argernon growled at her. He gripped the front of her shirt at the neckline giving it a hard yank downward. Material tore all the way open along the front of the shirt so Casey's chest and stomach were exposed. Casey gasped as she did a dive for the bed. She hit on her stomach, covering her now exposed breasts. Throwing her head back to clear hair out of the way, she turned her head to glare up at him.

"If you force me I will kill you, you son of a bitch."

His gaze tore from her as he eyed the room. His attention returned to bed. A growl tore from his throat. The translator was malfunctioning, Casey thought, or there weren't words for the angry sounds he was making. He tore the top blanket from the bed where it had been pushed to the edge out of the way. The pillows went sliding with the blanket. His dagger-like knife went flying to hit the floor. Argernon's angry eyes shot from the knife to her.

"No weapon, Casey? What is that?"

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