Kidnapping Casey Page 19

"I have no idea exactly what that is. It's not like anything I've ever seen before. It was in your bathroom. You tell me what the hell it is."

He growled again, storming for the fallen sharp object. He yanked it up and walked for the door. He shoved his hand over the scanner to open the door. Casey watched him with dread as he threw the weapon into the corridor so it wasn't in his quarters anymore. She saw a man stop to stare into the room. This was another Zorn warrior, one she'd never seen before. He had jet black hair, tan skin, was as big as Argernon, and wearing almost the same black outfit. The man's eyes terrified Casey as she stared back at him. They were totally black, giving them an evil appearance.

Argernon snarled at the man in the corridor. "Keep walking, Daros."

The man tore his stare from Casey to frown at Argernon. "Are you having problems with your human? Need a hand? I'm good with seducing women."

Argernon roared before he stepped back. The door slammed shut blocking the curious eyes of the black-eyed Daros who was left standing in the corridor. Argernon turned and snarled in fury.

"Is that what you want? Should I hand you over to another male since you find me so distasteful that you wish to kill me with my own shara?"

"I don't know what a shara is and don't you dare let someone else touch me." Terror rolled through her at the thought of Argernon letting another man near her. Tears filled her eyes.

"Please don't let someone hurt me."

He took some ragged breaths. "A shara is kept to cut hair when it gets too long and it is also a good weapon to keep nearby in case of attack. I didn't mean that about another male. I am furious. You are my bound. I will kill any man who touches you. If your human men share their women then I am as unlike a human as a man can get. Are we understanding of each other?"

Relief hit her. "Yes."

"Good." He started to remove his clothing. He still looked pissed. "Stop looking at me like that."

"Why are you taking off your clothes?" Her anger was fading fast to be replaced with fear. Argernon was stripping. "Stop getting naked."

"It is impossible to make you want me with both of us dressed. Our clothing would only get in the way."

Casey had a really bad feeling. "You're going to force me?"

Argernon shot her another angry look. "Never. Harming is the last thing I would do to you, Casey. I never want to bring you pain." His amazing blue eyes narrowed, his thick lips tightening into almost a smirk. "I feel confident that I can make you want me."

"Oh shit," Casey muttered.

She was certain he could make her want him too if he really put his mind to it. Anger burned in her, as the fear was swept away. She felt as if she were on an emotionally charged roller-coaster ride. She just wanted off and not in the sexual way that Argernon was obviously set on.

She watched him with dread as he stripped completely. Her eyes took in his perfectly muscular tan body. Looking at Argernon with his ridged muscles and sexy long hair made her want him. She had one very turned-on sexy hot alien standing next to the bed. His eyes roamed her backside. Very slowly he bent over her as their gaze locked together.

"I won't forgive you for this if you seduce me," she said softly. "I'm angry and I don't want you. That should be enough for you to respect my feelings to not do this."

Argernon had the nerve to chuckle. "Do your Earth men believe it when human women say these things?"

Casey shot him a glare over her shoulder. Her neck was starting to hurt from twisting her head to see him behind her. "Yes, they do."

His eyes sparkled with amusement. "You are making me think that your males aren't smart if they can't handle an angry woman." He gripped the back of the damaged shirt still clinging to her body. He shredded the shirt, tossing the pieces over his shoulder to the floor behind him.

She tried to roll away but Argernon pinned her flat on her stomach with his hands. He suddenly gripped her hips with both of his large hands to yank them up, forcing her to her knees.

With her hands tied behind her back she couldn't brace her upper body. Her head and chest were against the bed with her ass up high in the air where he held her in place.

"Stay like this."

"Go to hell, Argernon. You kidnapped me. You won't let me go home. I don't want you seducing me."

His large hands caressed her skin. A shiver ran down her as roughened calloused skin teased her as he captured her ass with both hands, gripping her firmly to keep her there. One of his fingers slid along the line of her slit between her thighs, that same finger finding her clit. He tapped the sensitive nub repeatedly. His other hand shifted his hold on her butt, the thumb of that hand finding her pussy entrance, to rub back and forth a fraction inside her.

Casey squeezed her eyes shut. Her body responded to the large Zorn. He bent over her more. His large frame pressed against her curved body. Argernon's long hair teased where his hair fell against her naked back. Hot breath fanned on her skin when moved in closer to her neck.

His lips hesitated just next to her ear.

"You are mine now, Casey. I won't let you go. I can't. We're bound together. You can't deny what is between us. Do you really think I would just return you to Earth? Do you think I could return to my planet and just forget you? Could you truly forget about me?"

She hated the fact that he had a good point. She could never forget Argernon. They were damn good together. If he were human and wanted to live on Earth she'd be moving him into her house just to keep him in her bed. He wasn't human and he was taking her to his home world.

"Let me go, Argernon. Return me to Earth. You can't just take me away from everything that I know and expect me to be happy about it."

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