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"I do not like punishing you, beautiful." Regret flashed in his eyes. He kept eye contact with her as he kept rubbing her limbs. "It pains me to do it. I suffered with you. I hurt for you as much as you hurt for me." He blinked. "Do you want me to make you come?"

She just stared at him. The pain in her arms faded away as he rubbed circulation back to her hands. She saw him clench his teeth a second before his hands released her to push her on her back. The move startled her. Large hands spread her thighs wide open. She looked down at him as he moved between her legs on his knees.

"Stubborn human woman," he growled softly.

Casey threw her head back as Argernon went for her clit with his mouth without giving a warning. His elbows pushed her thighs wider apart as fingers spread her sex more open to his tongue. Two fingers from his other hand slid deep into her pussy. Casey cried out as she almost instantly came. The climax tore through her brutally while Argernon sucked on her clit, hammering her with his two digits. She came so hard she was sure it was more than once.

Releasing her clit, he slowly withdrew his fingers. Casey went limp and her eyes closed.

She panted in exhaustion. Argernon moved on top of her so his body fit over hers, careful not to crush her. Opening her eyes, Casey met his intense stare.

"I am in the same condition and I hurt," he rasped. He entered her.

Casey moaned as Argernon's thick cock pushed into her. Her pussy was swollen and slippery wet so he eased into her even though it was a damn tight fit. She knew she was soaking wet. Just entering her and a single thrust was enough for him. She felt his cock pulsing deep inside her as his semen shot into her. He jerked from the power of his release, a groan breaking from his lips, as she watched his face while he came. Sweat trickled down from his forehead as his eyes opened. They stared at each other.

Casey reached up, her chains rattling, cupping his face with both hands. She knew she should slap him but instead she just wanted to touch him. Their eyes locked. She didn't understand how he could do that to either of them but she believed he'd suffered the sexual frustration with her. The man came instantly just entering her, just as she'd come so easily for him.

"I hate punishment," he whispered. "We both suffer. Do you understand?"

She did. It made no damn sense to her but she understood it was a mutual suffering they had just shared. "Why do it then?"

He blinked. "I am Zorn. You are my bound. You will understand in time."

Casey really doubted it but she didn't say that out loud. Argernon shifted on her. A groan tore from both of them as he started to slowly move, fucking her again. She wrapped her legs around the back of his thighs, lifting the chain over his head to allow her to wrap her arms around his neck, and just enjoyed what he was doing to her body. She had to look away from his intense gaze. She couldn't take it when he locked eyes with her while leisurely fucking her. It was too intense emotionally. His mouth went to her throat, kissing her skin there, and licking at her.

He made her come again before he slowly withdrew from her body. He didn't release her restraints. Instead he climbed from the bed as she lay there exhausted. She watched him walk naked to the drawer again. He pulled out another set of chains. She wasn't afraid. She was too tired to get worked up over what he had in mind to do to her next. He climbed back onto the bed.

Mutely she watched him hook the chain to the top of the bed. He attached the chain to the one holding her wrist. She just stared at him. He had in effect chained her to the bed.

"I don't trust you and I'm tired, Casey. It saddens me to do this." He pulled her into his arms. His eyes left hers as he sighed deeply. "Control, lights off."

The room went dark. Argernon's large, warm body wrapped tighter around hers where he was spooning her. She was comfortable. The chain was long enough that her arms weren't pulled above her head. Her hands were curled at her chest. She shut her eyes to fall into an exhausted sleep.


Chapter Six

Casey paced. She could only move on one side of the bed. The chain wasn't long enough to reach the outer door or the bathroom. She was wondering where Argernon was. He had awoken her two mornings in a row by letting her shower and use the bathroom. He'd eaten with her before leaving for hours at a time to work. He'd return with food, release her to use the bathroom and then he'd leave again. After two days she was tired of it.

He'd come up with a new way to torture her by avoiding her. He slept fully clothed in the bed they shared but refused to touch her. When she would curl into him she could feel how aroused he was but he would roll away growling at her. It was also driving her crazy that he was barely speaking to her.

The door opened as Argernon walked in looking tired. He studied her for a second before looking away. In his hand he held a tray of meats, weird looking fruits and a mug of something dark for her dinner. He headed for the bathroom after putting her food on the edge of the bed.

She sat on the bed digging into the food. Argernon always left the door open to the bathroom so she could watch him strip naked out of his uniform with his back to her. He had a really nice ass. His back was broad and his arms were muscular. Silky black hair fell to his waist, just teasing the curve of his butt. He had beautiful thick hair that ran in waves down his tan, toned back. He stepped into the shower.

This was torture too. She could see his hands as he touched his body. Large hands rubbed at his chest as he turned around to face her. He was sporting another major hard-on. She clenched her teeth, knowing what was going to happen next since he had done this every time he came in the door. He let his hand run lower down his body, his head still thrown back, eyes shut under the water that rained down, making his body slick, as he gripped his cock. He pumped his shaft, fisting it, as she watched.

Her hand went downward to the V of her thighs but stopped at the thick leather pants he had on her, belted shut with a thin locked chain. It was the equivalent of a chastity belt considering her hand wouldn't fit between the waist and her belly since he'd pulled them tight.

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