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Casey lost it with the added pressure against her clit. Her pussy went wild, clamping down on Argernon, her vaginal walls clenching him like a fist, as the orgasm hit her. Screaming out her pleasure, she came. Argernon roared, bucking hard against her ass, his seed jetting into her. Collapsing to their sides, they lay entwined together.

A few minutes later Casey opened her eyes. Argernon was staring at her, watching her silently. She couldn't read the emotion on his features but he didn't look angry. She knew what she was thinking. The guy got her off every damn time. It amazed her. He was remarkable with that mouth. His cock was built perfectly to hit every right spot inside her body to make her come.

It didn't hurt that he was as sexy as hell. Total eye candy to the max. Those eyes of his were the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. She could stare into them forever. Even his voice turned her on with the way it was gruff or how he growled at her often.

"What are you thinking?"

His tongue swiped his lips. "You're beautiful and you're mine. I won't give you up, Casey. I cannot. You are a part of me and I don't want to leave your body because I want to remain a part of you."

She swallowed hard. As far as what a guy was thinking after sex, those were some pretty intense thoughts. No man had ever made her feel as sexy, wanted, or even as needed than Argernon did. His mouth twisted into a smile.

"What are you thinking?"

"I'm just thinking about how you make me feel."

A chuckle escaped him. Blue eyes twinkled with amusement. "From your screams of pleasure you are very fond of me."

She laughed as she swatted his chest with her hand. "You think that's funny, do you?"

"Yes." He rolled onto his back.

Grinning, she sat up, putting her hands on his chest to rake her nails lightly down to his nipples. She hesitated before she lightly pinched them between her thumbs and fingers. His body jerked, his blue eyes flared with passion. She played with the hardening buds as she straddled him, rotating her hips, and rubbed against the hard length of him that was thickening by the second. She was wet enough and he grew turned-on enough that she was able to push back when in the right position so he entered her pussy. Argernon's eyes shut, his grin gone as he moaned softly.

"Not laughing now, are you, baby?" She rolled her hips over him in a circle, moving him inside her.

Beautiful eyes snapped open. "Do you want to play?"


"Do you want me to get loud?"

She grinned. "You always get loud. You roar, for Christ sake, when you come hard."

His hands gripped her hips, lifting her body off him, to make her release him. He grinned.

"I'll be right back."

She sat up, frowning, as she watched him almost run into the bathroom. He turned on the shower letting water slice down his body. She saw him cup himself, cleaning his groin area well, before he waved off the water. He didn't even waste the seconds it took to dry as he strode quickly into the bedroom to almost jump on the bed. He rolled onto his back grinning.

"Play with me. Touch me." He stared at her. "Will you lick me?"

Her eyes ran over his naked, wet body. He was rock hard again. It was amazing and kind of frightening that the guy rarely got soft. She moved, straddling his hips so her ass rested on his lower stomach, letting her attention drift over every inch of him from his stomach up. Casey nodded.

Licking her lips, she bent forward, intent on starting at his neck. She ran her tongue from his ear down to his shoulder, nipping him there with her teeth, enjoying the water drops and the taste of his skin. Argernon growled as his hands gripped her hips. She leaned up to smile at him.

"Hands up and don't touch me."

Glowing blue eyes narrowed. He didn't look happy but he followed directions. He released her with his big, warm hands to put both of his arms up, folding them under the back of his head like a pillow. It really displayed his thickly muscled arms. Smiling, Casey went for his chest next. She went for one nipple, sucking on it, while she used her fingernails to lightly play with the other until both of them hardened into pointed tips. A groan sounded from the man under her, his body tensed while his hips arched up a few inches from the bed, lifting both of them.

"Down, baby," she chuckled, releasing his nipple. "Stay still."

"Patience isn't something I have much of. You turn me on too much. Maybe in a few years you can play with my body more without me feeling like I will die if I am not inside you."

Years? Shock hit her as she thought about years of having this kind of sex life ahead of her with Argernon. Was he for real? She scooted down his body, having to lift up high over his rock-hard erection, sitting on his upper thighs, to let her mouth trail kisses over his ribs. She licked him in a few places like the groove between the muscles on his abs. She let her teeth nip his hipbone. By the time she reached his thick and throbbing cock he was growling continuously and his body was tense enough to resemble a sexy statue. His legs shifted slightly apart but didn't move enough dislodge her from her seat on him.

"Please," he growled. His voice was deep and harsh.

She'd teased him enough. One of her hands gripped the base of his cock while her other hand brushed his thighs. She rose up.

"Spread your thighs open all the way so I can get between them."

He instantly moved to obey her. A smile ghosted her lips. She could get used to giving him orders. She looked up at his handsome face, noticing his closed eyes, the passion-pained look, the tight press of his mouth and his sharp upper teeth hooked on his lower lip, noticeably indenting them. She moved between his thighs slowly, settling down to sit on her legs as she bent forward. Her other hand cupped his heavy balls gently, exploring them, caressing the underside of them with her fingertips.


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