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She was stunned. "You learn really damn fast."

He tilted his head slightly, staring at her. Argernon's smile disappeared as his gaze narrowed. "What is that look in your eyes? Tell me what you are thinking."

She slowly smiled. "I was just thinking that it's kind of funny that a guy who's never touched a human woman and who never tongued one is the best lover I've ever had." She caressed his chest. "Some Earth guys should take lessons from you Zorn men. A lot of them couldn't find a clit with a map drawn for them and have no clue what to do with one when they find it."

He chuckled. "Maybe we should send Zorn women to your men."


Chapter Seven

Casey gazed into Argernon's eyes over dinner the next day. They were sitting on the bed, facing each other, with their trays between them. He'd just come in from his work shift. She was nervous but she'd had all day to think while he'd been gone. Argernon arched an eyebrow.

"What are you thinking about? You look very stern."

"I have questions."

"I was warned that humans are very curious. Proceed with your questions."

She smiled. He looked ready to do battle with her judging by his grim expression and tense shoulders. "Relax. This isn't going to be painful."

"I don't know about that. My brother warned me that his bound gets angry with him for reasons he sometimes can't understand when he answers her questions."

"That sounds ominous. Uh oh. Do you know what they fight about? Maybe we can start there. I want to know the good and the bad about this bound thing."

He hesitated. "She refuses to run around his home naked."

Eyebrows shot up. "Naked?"

"She is not comfortable naked in his home but that is the Zorn way. Our women only cover their bodies when company is over or when they leave the house. Weather permits as well."

"And you want me naked when we're at home together?"

He laughed. "What do you think?"

She grinned. "I might run around naked." She winked. "It would save on getting undressed."

He grinned widely at her. "I knew you were perfect for me."

"Okay. We're getting somewhere. What else do they fight about?"

His grin died a fast death. "She doesn't like it that she can't go outside without guards and without his protection. You will have to stay in our home where it is safe. Human women are much wanted on Zorn. I told you how our males are. Four attackers went after my brother's bound in their home and would have killed her after forcing her to take them inside her body.

You will be in our home but I have a beautiful home with a large yard and nice view where you will be safe. I will take you out often so you will not be lonely or bored."

Casey digested that. "Okay. I can see the danger and appreciate that it wouldn't be safe for me as a human to walk around by myself. I can live with that as long as I don't have to sit staring at walls all the time. I don't want to go house crazy."

"No argument?"

"Not so far. What other fights do they have?"

He hesitated. "She was very upset when my father sent a woman to my brother."

That brought a frown to her face. "Why did your father send a woman to your brother?"

"My father wasn't happy that my brother bound to a human at first so he sent my brother a very desirable Zorn woman who many men wanted. He thought she would tempt my brother from his bound human woman but he was not tempted."

"Is your father going to pull that shit with us?"

He shook his head. "No. He learned his lesson. He will not be sending women to our home to try to get me to bound to a Zorn woman instead." He hesitated. "There is something I need to explain to you."

"Okay." She studied him.

Argernon hesitated. "I did not intend to bound with a human. When I left I didn't make any arrangements to bring you home. I--"

A loud blasting sound pierced the room. Casey gasped, throwing her hands up over her ears, to mute some of the painfully loud noises. Argernon almost leapt from the bed, running for the door.

"Stay," he roared at her.

He was gone that fast. The sounds blared through the room over and over again, hurting Casey's ears even though they were muffled by her hands. Whatever that alarm was, she knew she hadn't liked the look on Argernon's face as he'd leapt from the bed to run from the room. He was shirtless. Her eyes went to his boots on the floor. He was barefoot too. She made a grab for a pillow, shoving her head under it to dull the loud blasts.

The sound suddenly went silent. Casey pushed the pillow off her head and sat up on the bed, biting her lip, wondering what in the hell was going on. Obviously it had to be something bad and urgent for Argernon to take off like that. He'd told her to stay, like she had the choice of leaving his room. She sat in the middle of the bed hugging the pillow to her chest, the not knowing and wondering was bad. She hated being left clueless.

Terror hit Casey as she heard a noise like a muffled explosion as the entire room shook like an earthquake hit. She sat there for seconds in shock before climbing off the bed to the floor under her that vibrated strongly. It hadn't done that before. She walked for the door to stand there staring at it. What in the hell was going on? All she could do was gasp as she felt her feet leave the floor. The loud alarm screamed out rapid blares again. Her fingers clawed at the wall but she couldn't find any purchase on the smooth texture. Her body felt weird as she frantically tried to find something to grab on to she realized things were floating in the room, including her.

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