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Ahhu fled. Casey looked at Ariel with a frown.

"What in the hell am I missing?"

Ariel looked pissed. "You aren't going to be missing me yelling at my husband, because they are going to hear it across the other side of the planet when I see him. What Ahhu said in their roundabout way of speaking is because Argernon couldn't get off for days his body went into shock and shut down. To wake him up he needs to get his little guys moving, if you know what I mean. My husband sent us in here so he could have muscle chick do Argernon while he's down for the count to bring him around. That's what you'll need to do to wake him up. A hand job will probably do the trick."

Casey shut her eyes from the pain those words caused her. She felt sick and exhausted.

She opened her eyes, meeting Ariel's concerned ones.

"Let her. He doesn't belong to me. He's just a four-timing asshole and I..." She hated the tears that filled her eyes. "I don't give a damn. Where's that shower and food? I want off this damn planet when Argernon wakes up after he gets his fuck from that bitch. I'm suffering from exhaustion and I'm just...done."

Casey spun away to locate the bathroom. She shut the door hard, locking it, and slid to the floor with her back to the door. She let it all out while she cried. The pain she experienced at finding out about Argernon lying to her about those other women was deep.

She'd been kidnapped from her life she wanted to go back to. The days she'd spent on board with Argernon before the ship was attacked and the following three days that she'd cared for him staying glued to his unconscious side until they'd arrived at his home world had torn her up. Most of all she cried because she'd fallen in love with the bastard.


Chapter Ten

Argernon's fingers were twisting in Casey's hair. A smile played at his lips, enjoying her tongue licking at the head of his cock. A growl poured out of him as pleasure seared through him. Her hot tongue jerked away seconds before he was coming hard. Ecstasy made him groan loudly as his release exploded from his body.

He liked it better when Casey wrapped her mouth around him to take his seed down her throat but he wasn't going to complain about any way that she wanted to touch him. Opening his eyes, a smile on his lips, he found himself staring up at a white ceiling.

It wasn't the metal ceiling on the ship. Confusion hit him. Casey tugged her hair in his hand trying to break free of his hold. He moved his head. He felt strangely weak. He stared in shock at Bara as she gave him a hate-filled glare filled with accusation. His fingers were fisted in dark brown hair.

"I'm not your human," she spat. "I had to suffer hearing you moan her name over and over as I woke you." She gave a hard tug with her head trying to get him to release her hair.

Distress tore through Argernon. He yanked his hand away like he'd been burned. Bara rose up to her feet. Argernon sat up, realizing he was in medical on a bed. His gaze flew around the room. He was on Zorn. How could it be? Movement in the corner caught his attention. Ral was leaning against the door. His brother looked at him grimly. Ral's attention slid to Bara.

"Thank you," Ral said gruffly.

Bara gave a hiss of anger. "You are not welcome. He said her name. You refused to leave me with him alone. I do not enjoy someone watching me with my protector."

Ral took a deep breath. "You're angry so I did not trust you with him until you calm. A woman in a rage is a woman I wouldn't leave alone with my defenseless brother. It's not like I haven't seen you tongue a male before."

Snarling, Bara showed sharp teeth to Ral. Snapping her head, her eyes glared at Argernon. "You promised to protect me and give me a home. I will not release you from your word. I--"

"Leave now," Ral growled. "Give him time to recover."

Bara went stomping for the door. Argernon had the realization that he was naked on a bed. His body was damp and the scent of soap was on him. Someone had washed his hair as well as bathed him. He was confused as hell. His confused look went to Ral as he struggled to sit up all the way and cover his cock from his brother with the sheet. Anger was evident in Ral's stiff stance.

"The ship was attacked by the Collis," Ral said slowly. "You suffered injuries when you fought them and you have been unconscious for three days. They were going after the human women to sell them for profit. There are some Collis willing to pay for forced house helpers if they are from Earth. Somehow they heard about what those women are like sexually."

Argernon paled, the blood draining from his face. "I remember. Casey..." Pain pierced his chest. Had she died?

"She is alive but not well."'

Argernon pushed his body to the edge of the bed to swing his legs over. He would have gotten to his feet but Ral moved faster, grabbing him by his shoulders firmly, holding him in place. His brother shook his head.

"Do not try to get out of bed. You are weak and unsteady. Ahhu had to hook you up for nourishment replenishment. You need some hours for your body to recover since you just came out of hibernation. You would be in much worse shape but your Casey forced nutrient paste down you and water for the three days she tended to you."

"Where is she? If she is hurt I need to be with her. Were we attacked by more Collis?

Take me to her. If I can't walk then carry me to her side. I bound her."

"I know what you've done."

Argernon frowned. "Your rage is so strong I can almost taste it. Why?"

"Ariel is angry with me. She screamed at me and hit my chest with her fist. She is carrying my offspring and upsetting her is bad for her health and for the offspring. The only reason I don't beat on you is because you are already weak. Ariel won't even talk to me. She's that angry."

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