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"So what am I supposed to do? Go home with Argernon and watch him fuck those three women? Maybe we can draw straws on who gets him in what time slot." Casey hated the bitter bite in her voice. "I hear since I'm the bound one I get to sleep in the bed and not on the floor.

WhooHooo. Lucky me."

Ariel shook her head. "No. You set that son of a bitch straight. It's just you or you'll find another man. Let me clue you in here. We're the hottest damn commodity on this planet. There are thousands of good men on Zorn who'd jump through every hoop you put up if you agreed to bound to one of them. They'd be loyal and never mistreat you."

"Bara did something to him to wake him up."

Ariel sighed. "I know. I was the one who had to relay your message to Ahhu after I sent her to stop that from happening."

"I can't forget that. I'm sorry I let her, but I can't forget it."

Ariel nodded. "Let me talk to Ral. He knows a lot of good men. You need to find one on this planet to protect you. I'll make Ral let you come home with us and we'll introduce you to every man my husband knows until you meet one you can fall for. We'll get you bound to someone who can make you happy and safe. You need that now. Think of your baby."

Casey looked down at her stomach. "Will Argernon let his child go?"

Ariel rose to her feet. "You were forced to leave Earth, and he bound you without consent, since you were clueless what it meant when he came inside you. He broke the law. If push comes to shove he won't have a damn choice. As long as the baby is on Zorn and is safe I don't see how the father can protest. HyvinBerrr can see his grandchild no matter what man raises him. There are a lot of good Zorn men, Casey. You could be happy here."

It broke her heart but Casey nodded. "I can't be with Argernon again. I can't let him hurt me more than he already has."

"I'll speak to Ral, and we'll take you home with us. I'm damn sorry, Casey. Argernon was a real asshole, and I hope he suffers for what he's done to you."

Casey watched the woman walk away. Her head slumped. For all she knew Bara was fucking Argernon right now. It really hurt.


Chapter Eleven

Casey's ears no longer bothered her. Before she'd left the medical building Ahhu had given her a shot so she could painlessly put two implants in them. Casey could understand anyone talking to her now, but she'd been warned that not all Zorn could understand her. The English program was new and unless a Zorn thought they would be dealing with humans they didn't take the time to upgrade their implant programs for translation.

It was late at night and Casey was exhausted. It had taken hours for Ahhu to find the time to implant the translators into her ears. Ariel's husband had begged Ariel to go home with him because she was pregnant. He'd argued that she needed her rest and Ariel had given in to the big man after making it clear that Casey would be transported to their home when Ahhu was done with the procedure.

The three large Zorn males had escorted Casey from the medical building to a waiting vehicle. They'd driven her to a large, beautiful house on a hill. Zorn homes weren't like Earth houses. They were more rounded, single story, but large. They were made out of some material Casey had never seen before that looked like stone sheets. The men had escorted her to the door.

One of them had placed his palm on a scanner while smiling down at Casey.

"You are home. I am to escort you inside to your room. Would you like me to wake someone to bring you food?"

"I just want to sleep. It's late, so I don't want to disturb Ariel or her husband."

The man blinked. He nodded as he opened the door. "This way."

The other two men stayed outside. Casey walked into a large living room with an open floor plan. Two couches, some tables and some rugs decorated the room. The lights were dim, but bright enough to see by. She swallowed. The furniture looked like wood but it was a dark red that starkly contrasted to the utter whiteness of the floor and walls. It was a nice home.

The man led her down a hallway. Doors were all shut except for the room on the end. He walked in and waved his hand along the wall to turn on the lights in the bedroom.

"There is a sensor here. Wave your hand to turn the light on or off." He indicated to an open door across the room. "This room is for your personal needs. Wave your hand high to turn on the water. There are motion sensors that control the water flow." He backed out of the room.

"Good living, human." He strode away.

Casey sighed as she softly shut the door. She didn't want to disturb her hosts. Ariel had been exhausted when her husband had led her away. Casey felt guilty about that, but she'd been damn grateful for Ariel's friendship. The woman was just as outraged as Casey had been at what Argernon had done. It had really made her feel better to be understood. Her attention turned on the room.

The bed was a massive four-poster and high off the floor. All the Zorn men were over six feet tall while the women she'd seen were five-foot-eight to about a six-foot-one range, making them taller than the average human. Even their bodies were larger than most humans with their muscularity and bigger bone structures. Casey felt small for once in her life, almost fragile compared to the people she now lived with.

Next to the bed were tables with drawers. A dresser-like piece of furniture took up one wall under a large window. She walked over to the window. Nothing covered it so she stared out into utter darkness that gave her the creeps. Someone could be out there watching her back and she wouldn't know it. She looked up above the window. No marks on the wall indicated anything had ever hung there to cover it. Maybe Zorn people didn't believe in curtains. It made her feel like a fish in a bowl.

She was curious about the bathroom, but she ignored it. She'd used the bathroom at the medical center before she'd left. They'd even given her a weird-looking toothbrush. She placed the bag down by the bed. It had some personal items the medical center had given her including medication she was supposed to take every day. Since she was pregnant, Ahhu had warned her that her body temperature would rise without the medication, since Zorns ran hotter than humans. The medication would also help her avoid swelling from her body thinking it needed more fluids, another symptom she'd face as a human pregnant by a Zorn.

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