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Casey watched him lay the items out over rocks so they would dry. His hard-on had gone down. Even soft, the guy was impressive, as that sensual flesh hung between his thighs. Finally he turned to face her and their gazes locked.

She had to give him credit, he seemed totally at ease with his nakedness. Her breath caught as he slowly inched closer. Crouching down next to the sleeping bag, he tilted his head slightly to study her. His beautiful blue eyes narrowed. He watched her face for a long minute as their gazes remained locked. It came as a shock when the large man suddenly lunged and she gasped.


Chapter Two

Terror hit the instant he touched her. He firmly pushed her shoulders with both hands until Casey was forced flat on her back. The bedding was torn from her fingers and jerked away from her body. Naked, he pinned her under him as his body came down on top of her smaller one. Large hands gripped her wrists to jerk them above her head, he forced his legs between her thighs to push them wide apart. She was spread-eagle under the man, pinned there firmly, with their noses almost touching.

He shut his eyes, sniffing at her for a few seconds before his face turned sideways, inching closer to her until his warm nose brushed her throat. A soft growl rumbled from deep in his chest. Against her inner thigh she felt his cock harden again as blood flooded it, lengthening it. Smelling her was obviously turning him on.

"Please don't hurt me." Casey hated the frightened quiver in her voice.

As he lifted his head, their gazes locked together. His eyes glowed brighter, desire and something primal showing in them. He shook his head, frowning, watching Casey. It was obvious he wanted to say something to her but she couldn't understand him. Another growl rumbled from his parted lips, his chest vibrating slightly where it pressed down on her bared breasts, making her more aware of her hardening nipples. Growls were how he talked and she just didn't speak growl. As frustration flashed in his eyes, Casey thought she could relate.

Electric-blue eyes closed as he lowered his face back against her neck. His breath was hot against to her skin, making Casey shiver a little at the sensation. He inhaled slowly and deeply, an erotic awareness going through her as his nose lightly caressed the line of her throat. He seemed to really like the way she smelled judging by the major hard-on he had pressed against her. He wasn't hurting her though, or forcing her to have sex with him. He was just sniffing at her while holding her down. Their gazes locked again when his head rose.

Releasing her wrists he lifted his chest a little away from her body. She missed his warmth as he separated them from their stomachs up. His body temperature was hotter than a normal man's. A smile twisted his lips when his eyes lowered to her exposed breasts.

Casey wasn't sure what that meant. She tensed. The thought of fighting him crossed her mind, but she knew she'd never get someone his size off her. She felt tiny trapped under his expansive chest, and between the thickly muscled arms braced on both sides of her ribs, caging her in place.

Gasp was all she did when he dipped his head, sliding down her in the process, so his hard cock moved away from her mound and inner thigh. A hot mouth opened over her right nipple, his tongue sliding out to touch her. The man licked the crest of her breast, softly growling at her again. He sucked the bud into his mouth.

A jolt shot through her body as his slightly raspy tongue teased around her hardening peak. He sucked on her breast, pulling more of her inside that hot mouth of his, his sharp teeth clamped down on her tender flesh. There was no pain but he had a good grip on her between his teeth and the suction of his mouth.

Held immobile by what he was doing to her body, Casey's shock started to wear off, to be replaced by awareness of what was happening to her. A few seconds later she was frantically pushing at his chest with her spread hands. His tense muscles felt like steel as she pressed hard against his skin trying to move him but he wouldn't budge or release her breast. His mouth worked on her, suckling, causing her to stop struggling as hard tugs of his mouth on her nipple registered throughout her body.

The sensation wasn't like anything she'd ever experienced before. She'd had a few lovers in her life, four to be exact, but not one of them had sucked on her as hard as he was. His teeth scraped her nipple, causing her to squirm under him, that hot mouth was making her ache between her thighs. It felt as if her breast was connected directly to her pussy.

Her clit started to throb under the man's frontal assault. Her hands went from pushing at him to sliding up to his shoulders to clutch the curve of them. She felt her inner walls twitch, wetness flooding her, as the ache became a burning need. Her nails dug into his skin, a moan bursting from her lips, her hips arching into his stomach.

The man was relentless with that mouth. He finally released her hard peak with a soft popping sound before slowly moving to the neglected other side. Casey hated the way she lifted her back so her breast pushed against his mouth as he started suckling harder. He shifted his hips, sliding down her a little more, while her fingernails clawed at him trying to pull him up instead.

He was moving farther away from where she was throbbing with a need that was consuming her. The guy might look part animal but she thought he was bringing out the animal in her. She wanted him to work his cock inside her where she was soaked, where she ached to the point of pain for him to fuck her.

She wished she knew his name. He obviously couldn't tell her unless it was some growling sound that she doubted she could mimic. As he released her breast cool air hit her wet nipple. She felt it pucker almost painfully in the chilly cave. Her gaze flew to his incredible blue eyes and they locked together. She saw a look of intense, burning hunger in those eyes. Casey wondered if she looked as turned-on as he did.

He pushed up off her body, inhaling deeply as he slid farther down. She realized what he was going to do when his attention moved away from her brown eyes. His attention lowered to her belly and then slid to her exposed sex. She tried to shut her thighs but he moved faster. He crouched between her legs, gripping them with both of his hands. He had rough skin on the palms of his hands that coaxed her wider open. He glanced up and took a deep breath to inhale her scent.

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