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I think about the vision. Could it have been Grace screaming? It was afternoon from the look of the light, although it was hard to tell because of the trees. It could’ve been evening. “Straight home, right? You’ll take her straight there.”

Reid gives me a wide smile. “Promise.”

“Text me when you get there,” I instruct.

CeCe walks over to join us, obviously having heard the discussion, and asks, “Can you take me too? I may be forced to scream if I have to listen to Jess go on about her new diet any longer.”

“Hmm. Make CeCe scream or not? That’s a hard question.” Reid crosses his arms and stares at her.

“Reid?” I say gently.

He looks at me, but doesn’t offer any smart remark. “Eva.”

“Would you please give CeCe a ride too? For me? Grace’s mother would feel better if she was with two people, and then I’d feel better because she wouldn’t be so worried that she’d deny me Grace’s company.”

Another wide smile comes over him, and he kisses my cheek again. “At your service as always.” Then he turns his attention to Grace and CeCe and announces, “Yeung gets shotgun.”

I think again about telling Reid more than I have, but I don’t know how. I quickly replay the details of my vision and then ask, “Are you going to talk to her tonight?”

“Should I?”

All I need to do right now is get Reid through tonight. I suggest, “Maybe go straight home. Stay in. Think about it tonight, plan it out, and then you can go see her in the morning. Afterwards, come see me, so I can hear how it goes.”

“Tomorrow,” he says softly. “You think I should do it tomorrow morning.” He shakes his head. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” I assure him. I lean in and kiss his cheek. “Good luck.”

CeCe and Grace are watching us with blatant curiosity, but I’m not going to embarrass Reid by letting them know who he’s crushing on—or according to my vision, in love with. Hopefully, he’ll tell Madison how he feels, and then I have to tell him that he’s a potential murder victim before evening falls again.

“Let me get Eva settled and then we can go,” Grace interjects. “My purse is up there anyhow.”

Grace and I head to the stairs, but I refuse to go up on my butt this time. I tell her, “Just walk behind me so if I fall you can help steady me—not that I’m going to fall.”

She grumbles, but agrees.

We’re halfway up when Grace says, “Thanks for stepping in with Reid. I’m not up for twenty minutes of the ‘why sex is just like saying hello but naked’ conversation. He needs a girlfriend—or a hobby.”

I pause on the landing. Steps are harder than they look when you’re on crutches. When I reach my room, I go to sit at the edge of my bed. I’m tired from the death visions and the trip upstairs and from trying to pretend like I’m not five minutes from crying.

“Reid’s going to get shot,” I blurt now that we’re alone. “I saw it. He’s trying to tell some girl—I think Madison—that he loves her, and he gets shot.”

“Wow.” She lowers herself to the edge of my bed.

“And Piper. The killer was in her house. He drugs her.” I shudder at the memory that vision. “She’s going to stay with her grandmother.”

“You told her?” Grace sounds shocked.

“No!” I smile slightly. “I just pointed out that she’s been my best friend forever, so she’s in greater risk.”

“Like me,” she whispers.

I grab her and hug her. “I won’t let anything happen to you. You’re here inside Fortress Tilling, and then you avoid the library. I saw it, Grace. That was where you were. You can not go there.”

“If your visions are real,” she adds.

Quickly, I fill her in on what I saw in Robert’s death. I finish with “Robert admitted that he was suicidal. He was shocked that I knew, but he admitted it.”

Grace sighs. “So it is real . . . which means Reid is the next victim.”

“And that we know where your risk is,” I add. “We can keep you safe, and hopefully all of them. Piper will get out of town. Reid’s death was outside, in the late afternoon or early evening, with a girl there, and by a bullet.” I pause, thinking over the visions I had. “I told Reid to go right home and stay there. If he listens, he should be safe—for now.”

It’s not a great plan, but it’s the best I have right now. Maybe we can keep everyone safe until the police catch the killer.

“Yeung! Let’s go,” Reid calls up, forestalling any more plotting.

“Coming!” She turns back to me. “Tell Nate everything. I’ll call you later.”

Once she grabs her bag, she heads downstairs and joins the stragglers who, from the sounds of it, are waiting at the door for her. A few minutes later, I hear the door close behind them, and then it’s only Nate still in the house with me.

I pick up my laptop and go to my file of death visions. Then I start adding the ones I just saw before I forget too many details.

I’m sitting with my back against my headboard. My leg is stretched out, raised slightly on a pillow, and it occurs to me that this is a lot like being in the hospital—just more comfortable. It’s quieter too, so much so that I could almost miss the sound of Nate coming up the stairs. I don’t though because I’m sitting here waiting for him, nervous that we’ll fight and hopeful that he’ll hold me so I can feel a little less awful. Seeing so many deaths was horrifying. These are my friends, and I just watched most of them die.

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