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Looking like I was ready to give him a lap dance, I lifted my legs one at a time to straddle him. Wrapping my arms around his shoulders, I let my hair fall on his face. When I heard an intake of breath from him, I imagined his dick inside me.

My mouth found the side of his neck, and brushed against it with a delicate stroke of my lips. He stiffened and his breath hitched when I moved my body, writhing as if he was inside me and I made the most pleasurable moaning sound. Holy shit! I was turning myself on.

“Becca, you don’t want to do that,” he snarled through his teeth with that low, gruff sound. He may have been right, but I was having too much fun. I didn’t want to stop just yet.

Taking a fistful of his hair with both of my hands, I turned his face to expose the side of his neck. I wanted him to think I was going to run my tongue there, but instead I nipped the tip of his ear and growled slowly, “Is this what you wanted? Do you want more or shall I stop?”

Recalling the incident in the kitchen when he pulled out the waterspout and talked dirty to me, I wanted to reciprocate. Before he could answer, I continued. “I’m going to ride you so hard and fast, your dick will melt in my pu**y. I’ll be so wet for you, it will drive you crazy. You’ll be begging me for more or you’ll be begging me to stop. Your choice.”

Matthew let out a deep breath, but didn’t say a word. For the first time, he was speechless. His hands lifted, then dropped several times, seemingly fighting what he wanted to do. Before the teasing got out of hand, I pulled back and stood up, but I wasn’t finished just yet. Seductively, I let the robe slowly slide off, only to reveal a tank top and cotton shorts. I even had the words Victoria’s Secret written across my ass.

I could see the amusing, yet disappointed look in his eyes, but he let out a hearty laugh when I walked away from him. Looking over my shoulder, I watched as Matthew swept his hair back, released a heavy, sharp sigh, and glanced at me. His legs sprawled out in front, his arms dangled lazily, and he looked totally drained. I was pretty sure I just left him with a case of blue balls. Who was blushing now? Too bad, he didn’t know how much he turned me on and how much I wanted to continue what I was doing.

Even after my little performance, Matthew wanted to take me out, so I agreed. Seeing he was wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, I knew it was a warm day so I dressed accordingly. After I changed, I went to the bathroom and quickly smeared sunscreen on my face, then brushed mascara on my eyelashes. Thank goodness, I didn’t need a lot of makeup to look decent. Now I just needed to brush my teeth. While I did, I heard footsteps inside my room.

“Hey,” I said, trying to convey my message with a mouth full of toothpaste.

“You’re taking too long,” he said with a mischievous grin.

“So wait in the living room,” I mumbled, taking my toothbrush out of mouth and pointed in that direction.

“I’ve waited in here before. I even laid on your bed,” he gestured, then threw himself on the mattress.

Shaking my head, I went back in to spit. Before he could snoop some more, I rushed out, only to find him holding up a pair of my panties. Oh my God! Intense heat rushed to my face. I had done laundry last night and somehow must have missed those.

“Give me that,” I ran over and tried to snatch it out of his hand, but Matthew was faster. He swung around to the other side.

“I found these next to your bed. How did you know G-string panties were my favorite?” Matthew swung them around with his index finger, biting on his lower lips.

“Give them back,” I said aloud, swinging my arm. Matthew raised his hand before I could get to the panties.

“Say pleeeeease.”

I stopped jumping and gave him an evil eye as I came up with a devious plan. I pushed him, and we ended up toppled on my bed. It would have been just him, but he pulled me down with him. “Matthew!” I screamed, and tried to release myself from his hold, but there was no escaping. He started to tickle me and my body wiggled and jerked as his fingers dug.

“Stop!” I laughed as we rolled around on the bed, but Matthew didn’t stop. “Please, stop.” I was laughing so hard that it hurt.

Suddenly he stopped and I found myself on top of him again. Not a word was spoken as we stared into each other’s eyes; our chests colliding with the rhythm of our heavy, fast breathing. There was something in his gaze that was difficult to define; an unspoken message of both surprise and confusion. When his eyes shifted to my lips, he dragged in a breath and released it ever so slowly, and a long, soft puff of air brushed against mine. That was all it took to have me spiraling out of control. I was on fire…burning…yearning

…needing him.

As the urge of wanting to open my mouth for him intensified, I closed my eyes and pulled away before I did something I would regret and the possibility of rejection crossed my mind.

“Are you going to take me out or what? I’m hungry,” I said pushing him off me. Standing up, I walked away, trying to cool off.

“Hold on,” he mumbled, still flat on the bed. His hand covered his face. “I need a minute.”

If he felt the same way as I did, then I knew why, and I couldn’t help feeling satisfied that I was the cause.


Matthew glanced at me before shifting his eyes on the road ahead. His hands were on the steering wheel, but I could see his lips curled into a smirk. “I told you I would show you what fun meant.”

What was he talking about? I remembered him mentioning that during our encounter at Starbucks, but it had come out all flirty at the time. What was he up to?

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