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He doesn’t move once he’s planted deep inside of me. His forehead drops to my shoulder, his chest pressing against my back heaves as his heart beats rapidly against my skin. “You undo me.” He slides his hand down my arm and it covers mine against the tile as his mouth drags across my shoulder. His fingers between my legs move, making my core tighten around him. “Mine.” That one word spoken against my wet skin makes my legs weak. Sliding out then back in, his fingers lace with mine. “Kiss me.”

I turn my head without thinking, and his tongue slides against mine on an inward stroke. Moaning around his tongue, he growls around mine, speeding up his fingers while he strokes in and out of me with precision, hitting that spot deep inside me that sends a jolt of pleasure and pain in a solid tempo of ecstasy.

“I’ve missed this,” I breathe without thinking. His body stills for a moment before he pulls out and thrusts in hard, making me gasp.

“No more keeping this from me.” His tone isn’t one I’ve heard from him before and I want to lean back and search his face, but before I can, his fingers circle over my clit faster and faster, making me lose all coherent thought as he sends me hurling over the edge into an orgasm that takes my breath away. Before I’ve even caught my breath, he spins me around and lifts me to rest against the cool tile. “Legs tight.”

My legs around his hips wrap tighter. Taking my hands from his shoulders, he pulls them above my head, pinning them there with one of his. Thrusting hard, he sends me sliding up the wall then dips his head to catch my breast in his mouth, sucking and skimming his teeth over my nipple.

My head falls back against the tile as he moves to my other breast, doing the same after a slide out and a deep slide in. “Dillon,” I pant, digging my nails into his hand.

“Love that,” he mutters, taking my mouth in a punishing kiss, dropping my hands and grabbing my ass in both his large palms.


“I’m with you. Come with me,” he breathes against my mouth, cutting me off. Using his hands at my ass, he lifts and drops me along his length, each stroke making me see stars. I know when I fall it’s going to kill me. Wrapping my arms and legs tightly around him, I press my forehead to his and come on a shout as he roars his release against my mouth. We stay like that, breathing heavily against each other’s mouths, kissing softly and running our hands over each other’s wet skin until the water starts to turn cold.

“We need to get out,” he grumbles, kissing me once more before releasing his hold on me and forcing me to slide down his wet body. Turning off the shower, he sends me out ahead of him with a tap on my bottom.

Getting out, I grab a towel for myself and one for him, and start to dry off, wanting to just go plop down in bed, but there is nothing worse than the idea of having to sleep on wet sheets later tonight.

“How much time do you need to get ready to go out?” His arms wrap around me from behind, and I tilt my head to the side to look at him.

“About an hour. I have to dry my hair.” Tonight, we are having dinner with Michelle, Luka, Jax, and Ellie. I’m still annoyed with Jax, or maybe he’s annoyed with me, so we haven’t talked much. But Dillon saw him yesterday and told him he and Ellie should come out to dinner with us, and Jax agreed. I just hope tonight is not a huge drama fest. I love my brother; I love his wife and daughter, but I refuse to let anyone ruin this thing between Dillon and me.

Wait, what? I freeze, wondering where that thought came from.

“So we can go nap for a bit?” He nuzzles my neck, making me lose my train of thought as he lifts me into his arms and carries me to the bed.

And for once in my life as he crawls in behind me, I don’t care that my hair is soaking my pillow and sheets.


“Ashlyn.” Ellie smiles, standing from the table when she spots us across the restaurant. As soon as I’m close, she wraps me in a hug, whispering, “I’m so happy for you, and I think everyone else will be too.” God, I really hope she’s right.

“I hope so,” I say aloud, squeezing her back, then I let her go and look at Jax, who is standing behind her.

“Come here.” He holds out his arms and I move right to him, giving him a tight hug. “You know I love you, sis,” he mutters against my hair, and tears sting my nose.

“I know. I love you too,” I agree, letting him go, then turn when Michelle comes sashaying toward the table, followed by Luka.

“Oh, my God. Where did you get that dress? I need one just like it.” She whistles and I look down at my dress, ignoring Dillon’s grumble behind me, since I heard his annoying dislike of the dress after I put it on at the house. Actually, he totally loved the dress; I think he had me pinned against the wall two seconds after seeing me in it. He just didn’t like the idea of me wearing it out of the house, but oh well.

“Nordstrom Rack.” I smile. I love my dress, with its V-neck lace halter, deep cut in the back, tight bodice, and pleated skirt.

“You are not getting a dress like that,” Luka says from behind her, and she rolls her eyes, wrapping me in a hug as Dillon says something agreeing with him.

“Luka.” I smile warmly once Michelle has let me go then launch myself at him, wrapping my arms around his huge, muscular waist, and try to pick him up. I fail miserably, but his grin is enough of a reward as he presses a kiss to the top of my head.

“I’m so happy for you two,” I tell him, and his grin broadens.

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